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Acid Breakout


A recreation of the game Acid Breakout where each individual pixel is interactable. Implemented in Zig using Vulkan and OpenAL.

Originally, I recreated the game in JavaScript using WebGL which can be found here but decided to reimplement it in Vulkan with more features as a learning experience. The original WebGL version can be played here.

Acid Breakout Screenshot

BDX Tool


A work-in-progress disassembler for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix's custom compiled BDX scripting language. Written in Zig.

BDX Tool Screenshot



A program that allows the use of the Nintendo GameCube™ controller as a standard game controller on PC with calibration settings and a user interface. Implemented in Rust.

gcfeeder Screenshot



A live GameCube™ controller input viewer with custom shader support for use alongside gcfeeder. Implemented in Rust using WebGPU.

gcviewer Screenshot

A byte-for-byte matching decompilation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest. For more information visit the project's website.

Ocarina of Time Master Quest Screenshot